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At NIHE, we excel in academia and employ established health economic principles and methods to execute tasks systematically, ensuring transparency, credibility, and the possibility for scientific publication. Our expertise ranges from health economic evaluations and registry studies to business consulting, offering highly specialized products and services.


Health Economics

Healthcare systems worldwide are facing increasing financial pressure due to rising consumption of health services, an aging population, and more patients with chronic conditions. This, combined with new technological opportunities, new diseases, and increasing expectations from patients, citizens, and healthcare professionals has led to a greater focus on resource consumption and efficiency. As a result, healthcare systems are under pressure to demonstrate value for money and optimize their use of available resources.

To determine whether investing in new medicine, medical equipment, and treatments is justified, we need to consider their benefits and costs to society. Although a new drug or technology may be safer and more effective than current options, its use in the healthcare system is not guaranteed due to various factors such as cost, implementation, and policy priorities. Therefore, it is crucial to assess the health economy before seeking approval, recommendation and/or reimbursement. With our knowledge and experience, we can help determine the value for money and budget constraints of healthcare interventions.

I. Health Economic Evaluations: We can document and demonstrate the value of medicines, treatment interventions, or technologies required by various Danish councils. We use different economic analyses, including cost-effectiveness and cost-utility analyses, to assess costs and effects at the highest quality. We also incorporate QALY, PROs, and data from clinical trials and real-world evidence (RWE) to provide comprehensive evaluations.

II. Budget-Impact Analyses: Our team also conducts budget impact analyses to assess the economic implications of implementing new interventions, such as medicines or health technologies, from the perspective of budget holders. These analyses are useful for communicating the total costs to policy-makers, decision-makers, and experts in healthcare organizations.


Real-World Evidence

With the increasing digitalization of health care, RWE can optimize all stages of drug development and the regulatory approval process. RWE, collected through retrospective or prospective observational studies and registers, provides valuable insights beyond what is captured in RCTs. Our RWE analyses aim to improve decision-making in the health care system by supplementing data collected in RCTs and bridging the gap between clinical trials and real-world practice, enriching the decision-making process with meaningful clinical context. Denmark's national registers contain vast amounts of data that can provide valuable insights for decision-making and action. Our team has experience working with register studies from employment at Danish universities, and we can help you gain knowledge about patient populations, health care services, treatments, prescription drugs, employment, public services, and education among others.

Our team provides cost-of-illness studies to estimate costs of various diseases and treatment options. We analyze the health care resource use and connections to the labor market for a specific patient population, with or without a control group, and assess the disease burden for patients' relatives. We investigate the impact of the disease on other societal conditions, such a ssick leave, resource consumption, and expenses.  

Evidence & Data

Better management, efficiency, and modernization of the welfare sector can be achieved by making better use of evidence and health data. The healthcare sector recognizes the increasing importance of evidence beyond randomized controlled trials (RCTs). Health data or real-world evidence (RWE) collected from daily clinical practice provides valuable insights into effectiveness, safety, and costs. This requires well-conducted studies in collaboration with clinical specialists. At NIHE, we have experience generating evidence from RCTs and various types of health data to develop the evidence base for interventions, technologies, and organizational changes. To maximize the potential of Danish health data, we help identify knowledge needs, formulate research problems, and design studies to document the value of new activities or improvements.

I. Systematic literature reviews: Our team specializes in conducting systematicliterature reviews and meta-analyses to analyze the total evidence related toan intervention or technology. We follow all methodological standards in the execution and reporting of our independent research.

II. Surveys: NIHE can assist with survey development, translation, and validation, drawing on broad experience in interview-based data collection and surveys distributed via mail/email. The team uses validated generic instruments, and has expertise in collecting patient-reported outcomes (PRO) data, mapping quality-of-life preferences, and assessing willingness-to-pay.


Health Economic Counselling, Lectures & Advice

Looking for help with approval and market access, evidence generation, and raising awareness about patients' diseases and possible solutions? We are the right partner for you.

As health economics experts, we offer strategic advice and inputs to tackle your challenges. We provide knowledge on health economics, market access, data and evidence, and communication strategies to showcase your product's value. NIHE also offers education and presentations in health economics for a wide range of audiences. We can provide introductory-level education to lay audiences or highly specialized education for experts. With our extensive experience, we can effectively communicate and discuss health economic findings and registry studies with clinical specialists, decision-makers, politicians, and patients. We also publish research results in various formats, including scientific journals, books, and newspapers. Additionally, we assist others with their publications as needed.