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Nordic Institute of Health Economics (NIHE) is an Aarhus-based authorised research institute founded in 2022. We offer high-quality health economic research and counseling for the purpose of improving health care systems and support decision-making.

At NIHE, we possess strong academic abilities and work in accordance with theoretical and internationally recognized health economics methods. Our team ensures that the task is conducted systematically with a focus on transparency, credibility, and the possibility of scientific publication.

With us as your partner, you are sure to receive analyzes and services of the highest quality!

Why choose NIHE?

We are passionate about healthcare

and about making a difference. We have extensive experience in the use of health economics tools and analyses, which can influence policy making and clinical agendas and create a basis for decisions and prioritisation in the healthcare system.

We carry out unbiased and independent research

because we have the experience and skills from many years as university-based researchers. We also have a large network of national and international partners in all parts of the healthcare system.

We collaborate with all healthcare actors

as well as private companies within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical fields and with patient associations, hospital departments, health authorities and others.

We are passionate professional geeks

who honor the academic way of thinking and focus on details when conveying the nuances of our research. Our employees have both economic and health education.

We are experienced in providing analyses

that comply with both national and international methodological guidelines and standards.

We publish internationally

and in peer-reviewed, scientific journals of the highest quality. Our work is presented on scientific conferences, congresses and annual meetings.