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Nordic Institute of Health Economics (NIHE) is an Aarhus-based authorised research institute founded in 2022. We offer high-quality health economic research and counseling for the purpose of improving health care systems and support decision-making.

At NIHE, we possess strong academic abilities and work in accordance with theoretical and internationally recognized health economics methods. Our team ensures that the task is conducted systematically with a focus on transparency, credibility, and the possibility of scientific publication.

With us as your partner, you are sure to receive analyzes and services of the highest quality!

What Our Clients Say About Us

"Professional, punctual and competent. The NIHE team successfully developed a value demonstration model and provided scientific and strategic input that improved our journey"

Managing partner, Trustworks (2024)

"NIHE has been a fantastic partner in helping us conducting initial health economic analyses for our invention. Via frequent meetings and actively listening partners, we were guided through the different steps of how to estimate health economics for a product in it's early design phases, which were extremely helpful for planning implementation and designing an initial business plan."

Physician and Associate Professor, Aarhus University Hospital Psychiatry (2024)

"NIHE has expertise in addressing something that we cannot, and which all investors demand, namely: What price can be set for the new product and how many will use it?"

Professor, Chief Physician, Department of Infectious Diseases, Aarhus University Hospital (2023)

“NIHE has been supporting us in preparing an HTA submission for the Danish Treatment Council. The NIHE team that worked with Novocure is highly skilled, professional, friendly, and willing to go the extra mile that provide the highest quality work.”

Market Access, Pricing, Reimbursement Executive, Novocure (2024)

I have collaborated with NIHE on several clinical innovations, where NIHE has contributed with expertise in health economics as well as provided consulting and model development for creating business models and identifying market opportunities. These resources have been crucial in our communication with clinical management, providing inputs for grant applications, and demonstrating the value of new products on the market regarding future investments. NIHE has shown an impressive ability to communicate their complex knowledge in an accessible way, which has been extremely beneficial for research groups and supporting their projects at various stages of development.

Senior business developer, Aarhus University (2024)